Homemade Foods


Our USDA Certified, Vegan Certified Jams

We offer several delicious flavors and varieties of fresh Preserves.

We use three ingredients in all of our Certified Vegan Jams: Organic Fruit, Raw Sugar & Pectin (comes from apples)

Our Certified Vegan products include; Palisade Peach Jam, Raspberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, Blackberry Jam, Plum Jam, Apple Jam, Apple Sauce, Apple Butter, Cherry Jam, Cranberry Jam, Cran-Orange Jam, Cranberry Sauce, Grape Jam, Orange Jam, Watermelon Jam & Much More to come when we find more Organic Fruit sources.


If you are a producer (or know of one) that grows fruit and produce locally, contact me because we are in NEED of consistent produce providers. (970)691-0623 or SVFSales@mail.com


Our USDA Certified Foods

We will be offering several different Canned Good and Frozen Food items in the near future.

When we make a large batch of food in our USDA Kitchen, we will package smaller quantities and offer them for sale.

As we continue to create and perfect different meals we will offer them to our customers.
Some of the foods we will make are; Soups, Stews & Ready-To-Go Frozen Meals.

Frozen Meals include but are not limited to: Meatloaf, Casseroles, Quiche, Pot Pies (lots of different flavors), Pizza (Yes, we make and sell frozen pizzas)

If you have a FAVORITE MEAL or DISH IDEA, and you would like to see us sell it in the frozen food section, please let us know.


(970)691-0623 or SVFSales@mail.com