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Our Livestock

We put a lot of love into our livestock, and it shows! 

Berkshire Swine

Berkshire pigs have darker, richer flavored, marbled meat. That is why it's know as "the Angus of the pork world". They are slower growing and are worth the extra time to have them become nicely marbled.

Beef Cattle

Australian Lowline cows are more easily managed and it won't take two freezers for a side of beef. We also raise British White cattle along side our Lowline Angus (a.k.a American Aberdeen).


We raise a variety of turkeys for holidays and all year around. Homegrown turkey tastes goooood, you should eat more of it. The turkey breeds are: Broad Breasted, Royal Palm, Narragansett & Bourbon Red


We have a growing flock of around 1,000 chickens, and more growing as replacement hens. They are made up of mostly Red Sex Links and sometimes in the Spring we will order Ameraucana / Americana, a.k.a. the Easter egg chicken, to sell as chicks, pullets and layers.
Sometimes we have meat chickens on the pasture, NOT the factory produced white chickens. We have normal looking, usually brown chickens.


We have a few different breeds of sheep, this gives us a variety of delicious lamb: Dorper & Dorper Cross

Honey Bees

We raise Italian honey bees, and are currently in the process of building a mobile bee apiary that could house up to 30 hives.