Order Availability


Berkshire Pork

We have individual cuts of our Berkshire Pork available

2018 Harvests - Open Availability


Grass-fed Beef

We have individual cuts of our Grass-fed Beef available

2018 Harvests - Open Availablilty


We have individual cuts of our Grass-fed Lamb available

2018 Harvests - Open Availability


We have limited availability on Broad-breasted or Heritage Turkeys

2017 Turkey Harvest - Less than 6 birds available

Approximatly 18 pound birds and birds over 30 pounds

*Updated 10/22/17*


Stew Chicken (layers) - Seasonally Limited

We are still expanding our flocks - Available Soon 

USDA Certified Brown Eggs

Find our USDA certified eggs at these locations:
Hays Market, Niwot Market & Heritage Market

We are in search of markets or dairies in the Larimer, Weld, and Boulder county areas to sell our eggs. Contact us


USDA Certified Raw Honey

Raw, Filtered, Local

2017 Harvest - Available

Bee Packages & Nucs

Very Limited Availability - Accepting Pre-orders now

Weaner Pigs (Live)

Call/Text for Current Availability (970)691-0623

4H and FFA Show pigs

*A.I. Bred in Oct/Nov to Farrow Jan-Mar*

Special Orders

Must be paid in full

*BBq roasters: Must be Arranged in Advance*

 Mutton Sheep, Goat, Llama,

Alpaca, Buffalo, Emu & More

Star View Feed Store

Always 50 lbs. bags of Livestock Feed:

Swine Grower, Swine Gestation, Layer, Pullet Grower, Chick Starter, Corn, Calf Grower, Cattle Cake, Sweet Feed, Alfalfa, Dog/Cat Food, Salt Blocks, Mineral Blocks, and much much more.

Not seeing the feed you need? Contact us 

Grass Hay, Alfalfa & Grass/Alf Bales

We buy in bulk and offer bales until we run out

Small Square Bales - Price/Availability Varies

3x3 Bales - Price/Availability Varies

3x4 Bales - Price/Availability Varies

Round Bales - Price/Availability Varies